How to set up a self-service laundry
With DOMUS, the opening of a self-service laundry is simple, economical and safe, since we have the experience of having installed hundreds of self-service laundries with more than 5,000 self-service machines all over the world.

The DOMUSCOIN laundries are totally autonomous, without staff, with machinery of last generation, automatically dispense the detergent, which always guarantees an optimal and ecological washing quality.
  • Advantages for the customer
  • Hourly amplitude (open 365 days of the year with broad schedule)
  • Easy operation
  • Affordable price (For less than 10 € you can wash and dry up to 18 kg of clothes)
  • Time saving (you can wash and dry in less than an hour and have coffee by surfing the internet - free wifi during your stay)
  • Quality and hygiene (Garments are treated with professional products and do not mix with those of other customers)
  • Advantages for the owner
  • Comprehensive advice without cost
  • We are not a franchise
  • Business model without personnel
  • Easy installation
  • Broad spectrum of target audience
  • Highly efficient and ecological machinery that optimizes the consumption of water, energy and detergents
  • Convenience: Daily remote management (home automation system)
Why a Domus Coin self-service laundry?
Because we are manufacturers and offer a comprehensive consulting service, specialized in a tested and highly profitable business model.
Is it easy to manage a Domus Coin self-service laundry?
Yes, it does not require personnel and we offer the possibility of domotizing the whole store, being able to manage it practically in its entirety from its mobile device.
What equipment does Domus Coin use?
Domus Coin uses DOMUS machinery, a spanish multinational present in more than 150 countries and dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of laundry machinery.
Who chooses the location to locate my Domus Coin laundry?
Along with you we accompany you in the search, selection and negotiation of the ideal place if necessary.
Do I have to take care of the civil work or do you take care of it yourself?
As you prefer. We offer you a “turnkey” project with which you will have your operating laundry in the agreed time and term. You can also hire the professionals who perform the civil work and receive advice and supervision from us.
Does Domus Coin help me with regard to Marketing and Advertising?
Yes. We put at your disposal various tools like the corporate website, complete design of the laundry, promotional actions, etc.
Do I have to pay entrance fees and royalty?
No, however Domus Coin provides the 3 fundamental advantages of a franchise (right of use of brand, training / know-how and support) but without charging right of entrance, nor advertising royalty or royalty for sales. That is, the billing of your laundry is complete for you.
How much capital do I need to open a Domus Coin self-service laundry?
We have designed different business models to cover a wide range of budgets, depending on the capital you want to allocate.
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